June 8, 2003

E-bay experience.

I did my first e-bay transaction. It was okay. My husband John (jk) thought that I'd get hooked on it. Nope. E-bay is not for a Riza. I'm an instant gratification kind of woman. Waiting a week to see if I won it and then getting into an almost bidding war 20 minutes before the deal is done just isn't my idea of fun. Finding a find is, so I'll probably do a few more deals.

I like Amazon. I sell my stuff and I buy new (or used) stuff on Amazon. Instant gratification. I know the beloved thing is mine the moment I put it into the cart. In a way I also have the delayed gratification thing happening because I have to wait for the thing to come in the mail if I buy from a vender or UPS if I buy from Amazon. I love to shop in the comfort of my own home not because I shop in my underpants but because I can take my dear sweet time and even enjoy a cup of coffee and some great jazz.

I like shopping on the web because I can't always get the craft things I need. I found some of the nicest tatting shuttles made by one of the tatting brothers. They both tat but one brother makes shuttles because his brother couldn't find a shuttle that he liked. (gr-8 shuttles, check out my links)

I'll let you know the end of the e-bay experience when my pentel 8 color pencils arrive at my door. I need them to design cross stitch patterns. There goes that crafting obsession again.

Later--- I'm off to do some tattin' N craftin'.

Posted by Riza Rivera at June 8, 2003 12:57 PM

Happy ending!!! He mailed it out in one business day and I had the pens in three days. They work great for my cross-stitch patterns.

Posted by: Riza at June 13, 2003 3:48 PM