June 26, 2003

skylark the wonder dog

We had a rough night. Skylark didn't believe that jk isn't coming home for a couple of weeks. She finally went to bed. I spent a lot of time petting her and telling her we're fine.

We went for a walk in the green belt this morning at 6:30 am. jk , you're right it's beautiful but muddy. I'm using my old tevas so it doesn't matter if I walk in the mud. Skylark very nearly caught a bunny. You didn't say that they hang out right outside our fence. I yelled at her but I felt terrible after. I shouldn't get mad at her for doing what her breed was trained to do. I must admit she's fast but the bunny was faster but I can't say for sure, the bunny didn't have to drag around a human who is trying to drag her back. The things you see when you ainít got your gun!

Mike called me last night. Wendy is thinking of moving to the other side of the pond if Mike does. They'll find out how hard it is to move a dog to England. Mike is thinking that if it's not so bad we might consider moving to the other side of the pond also. I never care where we live as long as it's together. So we'll see what side of the pond works best.

Planned activities: Craft, hang out with the wonder hound, keep checking my e-mails so I can send out mugs and stuff. Maybe Iíll pay bills.

Tomorrowís activities: Could be the same with a visit from Jen.

Jk: I hope you had a nice flight. I know how hard long flights are for you, long legs and all. Mike promised me that heíll keep you out of trouble. Maybe Mike is the wrong dude to ask. Drink!!! No girls!!! Arse!!!


Posted by Riza Rivera at June 26, 2003 6:52 AM

I'd live anywhere with you, my love!

Take care and don't forget...

Posted by: jk at June 26, 2003 11:33 AM