June 27, 2003

Birdham, Chichester

That's where I am: right in West Sussex. The weather has been great and the sunset over the marina last night was suitable for framing. I went into Chichester yesterday to get some coffee (even though the tea is good) and was impressed. It is a cool small city. I would call it a town for its size, but it has a cathedral, ergo, it is a "city."

While it is small, it serves a large community so it has many shops.

I forgot my camera but William has promised to lend me one and I will try to get some pictures up. We worked 'till 3:30 this morning and I am up at six but I will try to get some pix up.

I am well and will be here until Friday, when I will likely fly to Dublin. I have never been to Ireland and look forward to that.

I look forward to seeing y'all as well - take care!

Posted by John Kranz at June 27, 2003 11:50 PM

After your trip to Ireland, if you are going to be in the UK, you are invited to the 3rd London Blogger Bash. E-mail if you can make it.


Posted by: Perry de Havilland at June 28, 2003 6:43 AM


I was trying to reach you -- the Bloggers' Bash sounds fun but I am in Ireland on the 5th. You can email me at jk@berkeleysquarejazz.com.


Posted by: jk at June 28, 2003 8:37 AM