June 28, 2003

cold silent treatment over

Skylark has finally forgiven me for sending jk away. She kept looking at me like, so what did you do to piss him off. I tried to explain to her that it's the new and improved jk. He works and travels and calls us to make sure we're behaving ourselves.

Jen came over and poof all is forgiven. I'm in Skylark's good graces again. She loves Jen. I love Jen.

We walked in the back again this morning. No bunnies, no balloons. Just a cute little Skylark and a Riza.

I talk to my mom everyday and Diane calls. So I'm not climbing the walls.

A couple of problems have come up.

1) I keep cooking for two even though I'm one. Skylark tries to help if I cook too much ham or beef but she's not much help with bacon or vegetables.

2) How much coffee is overdoing it? I'm used to making full pots of coffee so I have a bit left at the end of the day. I put it in the fridge. Hot weather is here. An iced coffee is perfect. But the question still remains: How much coffee is overdoing it?

Other than the two problems mentioned above, all seems to be running smoothly. Jk calls me everyday. I married a decent sort of dude. We’re good for another twenty years of wedded …

Posted by Riza Rivera at June 28, 2003 8:05 AM

I am glad you had fun and I am glad you went walking with Skylark. I am crazy about you!!!


Posted by: jk at June 28, 2003 8:31 AM

I hope you're doing too much coffee -- why should things change just 'cause I'm gone?

Love ya,

Posted by: jk at June 29, 2003 6:44 AM