July 1, 2003

Sky and I are doing fine

Hello Folks,

jk has limited web powers. He called me last night at 11:30, our time. He was just getting up. One of the kids had the phone so he couldn't call me earlier.

We're into July. July 10th is the day jk is due back.

I solved the coffee problem. I'm using my travel coffee maker. It makes one perfect cup of coffee at a time. So I can now enjoy coffee and not feel that I have to drink ten cups a day. Not that I didn't love drinking coffee but ten cups, even decaf, does things to me.

I call my parents everyday or they call me. I've talked to Diane and Bob often and I even had a long chat with Cousin Mick.

Crafting is going as well as can be expected. I'm working on a huge needlepoint while jk is out of town. It will be my jk is traveling craft. I'll try not to work on it too much when he's home.

He'll travel a lot in the years to come. It'll make our marriage interesting. Everyday an adventure. That sort of thing. Sometimes I'll go and sometimes I'll stay home.

Take care.


Posted by Riza Rivera at July 1, 2003 7:07 AM

Hey hey, we got our web access back! After dealing with BT (British Telecom), I'll never complain about Qwest DSL again!!

I love you, Riza, and cannot wait to be home -- I'll help you drink that coffee!


Posted by: jk at July 1, 2003 9:10 AM