July 2, 2003

Nice Weather

In England???? Yes, it has been nice. It rains a lot but not all day. The harbor is very nice. I wish I got out more but there is work to be done and we know that all play and no work makes jk a...

The Dublin trip is looking a little dicey. All the cheap fares have sold out and most of our meetings have been postponed. It is still desired that we meet some of the Ireland folks. And I would like to go because I've never been. We'll see what happens -- stay tuned!

Hope all the good folks back home are well. I am doing well here. Tomorrow, the trip is halfway over. That means laundry, of course, but it also means halfway home. I got the nice seat on the way out, so I will probably have to take a middle out of deference to Lou. Oh, well. Worrying about the flight home will be a luxury. Miles to go before then.

Cheers, y'all -- jk

Posted by John Kranz at July 2, 2003 10:15 AM