July 3, 2003

Almost Half Over

Well it hasn't been that bad. Hot as Hell but all in all not too bad.

If I could just figure out the sprinkler system. The chores jk does that I just take for granted. Like him doing the watering, the laundry, trash and dishes (if I cook). We are a matched set. He hates to clean and I like it provided I can crank up the tunes.

I've been pretty good. I haven't eaten out of the pan yet. I've thought about it though. I even manage to fix the bed sort of. In a Skylark is in the middle sort of way.

jk calls everyday. Usually very early in the morning, his time. He works strange hours but he's happy.

Do I craft today or read a book?


Posted by Riza Rivera at July 3, 2003 7:45 AM

Love ya!

Plug in the sprinkler, hit "manual" the display will say "all" then hit "enter."

Man -- I had no idea that I got good husband points for that!

See you soon...


Posted by: jk at July 3, 2003 11:27 AM