July 5, 2003

Back in Old Blighty

I just got back from Dublin. It was grand. That is a neat city and I was getting a good local's tour by some great people.

I went to about 3,417 pubs in my 30 hours there and met the most amazing people. It was really like living in a novel. One friend got us into "Lilli's Bordello," which is a Studio 54 kind of place. Pierce Brosnan was there.
It was hell after a few hours to me, but it was something I'm glad I saw. Dublin is somehow exactly as I pictured it. I took many many photos and will get some up here but I am on another person's computer now.

Amazing people. I had the best cappuccino ever in a sushi restaurant, I met a former Olympic weightlifter who's an MD and has a Huey Helicopter to fly as a hobby. I got propositioned by a hooker in front of St. Patrick's: "Are y' free tonight, darlin?" she asks as I am taking a picture out the window of a car in traffic. "'Fraid not," replies Mr. Faithful." "Too bad, you would have enjoyed it," says Ms. Free Market Trader. I have been teased about it ever since.

Hang in there Riza my love, and pet the poor baby girl from her da'. I am coming home, and together we can fix anything (or run away from it).

Posted by John Kranz at July 5, 2003 4:27 PM

Let's run away from it all. Last night was the worst. Skylark and I finally went to bed at 1:30 am and Bob's dog was barking at 3am and more fireworks.

I'm cranky. skylark and I are about ready to kill the neighbors. Lack of sleep does that to us.

So you got an offer from a lady of the Evening. Thank you for being Mr. Faithful. You just earned yourself a bunch of points. Skylark is proud of you.

Love ya!!! Riza

Posted by: riza rivera at July 5, 2003 6:14 PM