July 18, 2003

Being a Ya-Ya

I am a Ya-Ya sister. We started this group after reading the book. We all read it and decided that it was our little group. We read, we craft, we make jelly, apple butter, wine, kahlua, irish cream... And we have our secrets.

I am the oldest member. I like hanging out with younger women. They seem to accept me for what I am. A craft woman.

I've been crafting for over 30 years. I started crafting when I was 12 years old. My mom taught me how to knit. My sister taught me how to crochet. I've been embroidering forever and I can't remember when I learned. The last thing my mom taught me how to do, before she had a stroke, was tat. She taught me to tat 19 years ago.

My mom-in-law was a craft woman but she didn't craft. Her gift was finding nice projects. When she died I inherited all her mom's quilts and crafting supplies. She was my first Ya-Ya sister. She was an original Ya-Ya. The book could have been her story.

To all my Ya-Ya sisters in this world and beyond.

Mom: thanks for visiting me in my dreams. Thanks for celebrating our 20th anniversary with us. jk's treating me just fine.

Posted by Riza Rivera at July 18, 2003 9:47 PM