November 18, 2003

Here's a website that talks about MS. It's pretty good. Lots of famous people have MS.

This site explains what it is and it has journals talking about people who are living and fighting this thing.

Doctors know what it is (that's important), but to fight this thing we (jk and rr) have to know how others are dealing with it.

jk asked me if I was ready to fight this thing with him, right after the doc told him he it. jk and I go through life kicking and screaming. So we're going to fight this thing kicking and screaming. The physical therapist told jk that everyday will be different. We have our own saying that we've had since we first started hanging out. "Everyday an adventure, some days more than others."

Next week I'm going with jk to the physical therapist to learn how to do the therapy stuff with jk. I can never say that jk didn't give me adventure. Should be interesting.

So, read up on what we're fighting and don't forget to laugh and enjoy life.

All in all, life is pretty grand.

Posted by Riza Rivera at November 18, 2003 2:05 PM