December 21, 2003

What a long Strange Trip

What a long strange trip this year has been!!

Re-cap in a nut shell:

jk sort of working. jk has a great job. jk works at home. jk has an office in Downtown Boulder. Riza loves jk's new office. Lots of great places to hang out.

We started Atkin's and we lost a whole person. 70 pounds!!!

jk goes off to England and Ireland. Wild times for a usually good boy. Drink!!! Drink!!! and an offer I'm happy he turned down in Ireland.

We've been married 20 years. I didn't think I'd ever get married. I'm still not the marrying kind.

jk has a beast that I now call "the Dough Boy". If you have to have a monster living inside you, a dough boy isn't a bad one to have. How much harm can a dough boy do? And will I feel bad if we have to smack the dough boy upside the head once in a while? Probably not!! I'd smack the dough boy upside the head for my sweetie any time.

We go to war. It didn't last long as far as wars go. We got the bad guys unless you think GWB is the baddest one of all.

A couple of great jazz concerts. Old friends are back in our lives!!

What a long, strange trip it's been and I wouldn't have it any other way. Ain't life wonderful.

Happy Christmas, Happy Boxing day, and a very Happy New Year!!!

Posted by Riza Rivera at December 21, 2003 3:57 PM

Nobody I'd rather travel with -- Merry Christmas my dear!

Posted by: jk at December 21, 2003 4:02 PM

Hey Riza and jk,
I love reading your blog. You guys make me smile. Today is the eve of Christmas Eve. Looking forward to seeing you on Boxing Day. Love you all, rika

P.S. RJ is interested in guitar lessons as soon as the Master is ready. Do you have a starter guitar he can borrow to get going on? Let's talk.

Posted by: rika at December 23, 2003 1:12 PM