January 7, 2004

Great Doctor Visit!

Never thought that those three words would come off my keyboard. But yes, last Friday I had a mercifully short and wildly positive appointment with my Neurologist.

I had worried all night that this was the start of my treatment, that I would be put on a drug regimen and subjected to many appointments and tests. Reading the MS magazine in the lobby (now there's a cheerful publication -- gimme "The Nation" any day!), I read all the side effects for the medications. Suicide was the first one. Yup, other than that, you'll love this.

Worked into a fever pitch, Doc called me in, asked how things were and gave a very non-intrusive exam: reflexes, strength tests, &c. Then said those magic words, "come back and see me in two months."

I still may face my meds, but he wants to take new MRIs six months after the first set, and compare the results. He stressed that we could try things if my condition worsens, but as long as I am getting by, we'll just wait for more results.

This shows me that when and if more active treatments are suggested, they are truly needed. And I get a few more months off. With Physical Therapy and my AFO (ankle brace), I really am getting around and along pretty well.

Last note: he signed a form to get me a Handicap Parking Permit. See you at Wal-Mart -- I'll be parked right up front! He signed that my condition was "permanent" but told me "I don't want you to have to reapply every 90 days, but I think that your condition is not 'permanent' and that you will be getting around much better after treatment."

Life is good folks, don't ever forget!

Posted by John Kranz at January 7, 2004 1:05 PM

Ain't life grand!!! I was just going to post about jk's doc visit and he did it for me. What a guy!!

Posted by: Riza Rivera at January 9, 2004 10:13 AM