January 12, 2004

Jk's Off to See Ireland

jk left this morning. Skylark thought I was leaving because I brought jk's stuff to Lou's car. She was telling me good-bye but I kept telling her that I'm staying and jk is leaving us for a week.

He'll have one hell of a trip. Scotland for four hours, then off the Ireland for a few days, then back to the Compound (John Paul's mansion). They might see Mike Sausa on Sunday. I hope they do.

jk promised me no ladies of the night no matter what church they stand near. Lou told me that they'll be lining up outside all kinds of churches when they hear jk is back in town.

What are my plans for my single week? Atkin's induction. Reading. A visit from the plumbers. jk tried to fix the upstairs sink so we had to call Kat and Maitland. Yes, a female plumber who's very good. Ralph and Ralph eat your hearts out. Maybe I'll even watch a chickflick. One so romantic that it will make we want to gag or laugh.

So I'll be good if jk's good. Well good for a Riza. I can't say that I won't go out with a friend and have a drink or two. jk promised me he'd sample some single malt Scotches and make a list so I can get some.

So I'm off to eat lunch out of the pan and drink coffee right out of the pot. Just kidding. I do use a cup for the coffee.


Posted by Riza Rivera at January 12, 2004 12:39 PM