January 15, 2004

jk's Trip

jk called me twice. One of the investors is a publican (Pub Owner). He owns a pub just outside Dublin. jk went out to dinner then had a few drinks at the pub. jk loves Dublin.

He's going to England soon.

The Skylark sage continues. She's still mad at me but only at night. I keep telling her that this is our new life, get used to it. jk leaves and comes back. I did take her out back as the sun was rising. Still breathe taking. Love the colors.

I've been reading and crafting. Nice mini vacation after the Christmas rush.

jk, I love you. But remember if you pick up a lady of the evening (I don't care which church she's near) I'll have to kill you. Other than that have fun. Try a few single malts for me. If you end up at a wild party and Paris is there, you do get extra points if she's wearing underpants.


Posted by Riza Rivera at January 15, 2004 1:10 PM