April 4, 2004

We're off to Ireland/ England

Hi! We're off to Ireland / England at 5pm. Our friends are giving us a ride to the airport. We're cleaning the house this morning. Aunty Brooke and Rusty are coming our to keep Skylark company. Skylark loves Rusty and Aunty Brooke.

We went out for dinner last night with Rusty, Rika, Katey and RJ for Rusty's birthday (It's today). We went to Ruby Tuesday. I like that place.

I bringing a lot of Atkin's food so I don't starve and bringing home tea. They have a version of Lipton called PG Tips and it's so good. One tea bag lasts a long time. One thing about the Brits, they know their tea. Their food may be odd but the tea is to die for. Makes me question the Boston tea party. What were we thinking? Keep the tea, toss the people. Then again it was about taxes. People do strange things when you start raising taxes. Speaking of taxes. We did them early. Life is good!!

Take care. We'll post stuff from the other side of the pond.

Posted by Riza Rivera at April 4, 2004 7:09 AM