April 11, 2004

Happy Easter from Scotland!

I am enjoying my first visit to Scotland. I am literally across the street from Edinburgh Castle, blogging from a Starbucks. (Grande, breve cap, extra–dry at my side – I LOVE globalism!!)

I think I have distilled – over the last week – the four points which define the differences between the US and Europe:

1) The UN and ICC: The US, with its muscular military is comfortable exercising its will and protecting her national interests and sovereignty. The EU nations are more content to pursue diplomatic resources to try and solve problems. (Advantage: US)

2) Agricultural Subsidies. All nations seem content to discard comparative advantage and the wealth generated by the free movement of capital to protect their domestic farmers.(No advantage, both fail)

3) GM Crops. Again, as science producers, the US is more comfortable with the benefits of Genetically-modified crops. The EU hurts itself by disallowing these higher-yielding goods – and penalizes African farmers by banning their import. (Advantage: US)

4) Ice in Beverages, I got two ice cubes in my Diet Coke on he flight from Dublin to Edinburgh, Riza none. The proprietor of our B&B turned from Fred Rodgers to Basil Fawlty when I asked for ice. I could hear him thinking as I left “Bloody Americans – they come to our FREEEZING country and what do they want? Ice cubes!!

Ugly American signing out, see you on Wednesday!.

Posted by John Kranz at April 11, 2004 8:49 AM