March 27, 2005

The Luckiest Man in the World

It is not Lou Gerig, it is jk.

I have seen some looks and heard a few aloud comments about a supposed bad run of luck. My getting MS and Riza's stroke overwhelm folks. But let me remind everybody about my charmed life.

1) To be born in the late 20th Century, in America into a loving family is a pretty good head start. I did not have the Willa Cather life of my Grandparents or the smothering poverty, lack of opportunity and lack of freedom that many others have had to endure.

2) I met and married the right lady first time and at a young age. Whatever shakes down, I celebrate our life together.

3) I found, albeit through a circuitous route work that I enjoy and work lucrative enough to put a few very cool guitars in my closet.

Life is good. Tell somebody you love them today. That's a shallow and trite suggestion -- but it is right on!

Posted by John Kranz at March 27, 2005 9:02 PM

Thanks for the updates, JK. I want to to tell Riza when she is better, that my son who is eight now, has developed a passion for knitting. Perhaps someday he will also tat.



Posted by: rnelson at March 31, 2005 2:18 PM