March 27, 2005

A Good Easter for Riza

Sunday was a very good day for Riza.

After some very dark and serious news Saturday, my hope -- even an "up" guy like me, was narrow and brittle. Sunday, she surprised her neurosurgeon and her husband with some very good results and responses.

Her morning CT-Scan was pretty good. There is some more blood which might be left from the operation or new but it is not overwhelming. Riza recognized my voice when I walked in, opened her eyes, looked at me and picked up her hand (we are inveterate hand-holders). She can wiggle toes on her left side and squeeze my hand. (Hey, she's left handed!)

Doctors and nurses caution that many ups and downs lie ahead. But, taken as a slice in time, today was not only good, her Neurosurgeon said "he couldn't be happier," and that he never thought yesterday that she'd be this good today.

My hope ribbon widened considerably today. Many scary times lay ahead, but I will ignore medical device and thoroughly enjoy a good day today.

Lastly, thanks to all for genuine concern about me. I am okay and blown away by kindnesses shown me. My neighbors have been talking Skylark out in my absence. When I came home tonight, there was a plate of Easter Dinner in the 'fridge. Wow. Thanks to all. I know your offers are genuine and I will call if I need anything -- really.

Posted by John Kranz at March 27, 2005 9:14 PM