March 30, 2005


Pam, the head of training for the Neoro Nurses, gave a conference for the family to recap events, treatments, expectations, and answer questions. She is also a co-member of the State Stroke Task Force with Riza's brother, Mario.

The stroke was a large hemorrhage (in the basal ganglia, for those of you playing the home game) and she repeated amazement at how well Riza has recovered so far, and how well she has kept her abilities.

She thought that another two to three weeks in ICU was likely, then she can move to the neuro ward and begin more intensive physical and occupational therapy. Some have started already, and O.T. will test and work speech when she loses her breathing tube. That could be in a few days. All these predictions are, of course, subject to exigencies in her condition but it is good to see a map of sorts.

She will require extensive retraining and it will take some time to access her chances at full recovery. The area of the bleed is very important to both gross and fine motor skills, but may be far away from cognition, swallowing, and speech.

Interesting to note that many beliefs and practices have changed in the 12 years since her Mom had a stroke. The family had all lived through that and was warned that each case is different, and to be cautious of comparison. I am sure that is true but for me, Mom is the Gold Standard. She has bravely faced her challenges and has done very well.

EDUCATION TIME: look for stroke symptoms and call 911 right away. Everybody compliments me that I did it right, but this came so quickly and severely there wasn't a lot of choice. Also, direct the ambulance to a hospital with stroke protocols. I'll get some more information from Mario and post it here.

Posted by John Kranz at March 30, 2005 4:14 PM