July 19, 2005


Today I went to my first out-patient rehab. another big step. in the journey to being back. the out-patient area is close to the in-patient therapy so I visited my first therapists and some of the rehab nurses.

I'm so happy that we visited them. they are the nices people in the whole world. God called them his angels on earth and I must agree with that. so much patience.

Not crafting yet and not playing guitar yet . but will. jk bought me a synthesizer to learn bass lines on and as I get my right side back I'll
play other things.

I've been in horrible pain. My mind doesn't know how to figure out the information from my right side so it says pain. I can tell that my brain is reconnecting and it nice. My therapist worked on streching me so all the pain magically is gone.

I've been one lucky person. I've had some of the best care and the therapists are the best so I'm looking foreward to a full recovery. that's what all the therapist think.

Life back home is pretty good. Jk is the best. I'm not the only one in our neighborhood who can't sleep. Nights are too hot.

On our anniversary we had a little scare. jk's heart beat is as fast as mine so we called the paramedics. he's fine. life has to give us a curve ball to make sure we are paying attention.

be well and enjoy life.

Posted by Riza Rivera at July 19, 2005 3:29 PM