October 28, 2003

jk's IV home kit

jk's home and we have to do the IV's at home. The nurse taught us how to do it last night and this morning we did it all by our little selves. I gave jk the needles and he did that stuff. I did the IV bag and counting the drops.

My blood pressure monitoring kit works. We tested it against the nurse's monitor and the readings were the same.

It's back to the same old thing. I have to go back to excercising today because I skipped yesterday.

jk's walking much better.

Later. We're off to the grocery store and Starbuck's is singing to us. Coffee... coffee...coffee...

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October 26, 2003

jk's coming home tomorrow

jk's coming home tomorrow. My dad is picking me up. He needs to help and I need the help.

jk has had lots of visitors. Yesterday Rika, Rick and Barb, my mom and dad, Bob, Diane, Lou, MaryKay and Brian visited. Today Tim, Kyler, Kari, Kinsey, Mick, Suzanne, Howe and Pam visited.

I called Howard to tell him about jk. We talked for a while and he called jk. Charlie sent me e-mail. He said that we could visit and if jk needs to go to the Mayo, Martha would help us. He called jk.

Ed and Kirk sent me e-mail.

Lots of love from family and friends. We are truly blessed.

This beast makes jk and I examine our lives. The things that are important are our relationships. All the other things are stuff. We'll get through this with a lot of help from family and friends.

I've learned that people have to deal with this in their own way. There is no right or wrong way to deal with this. I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this but I just know that I will. I don't have a choice about jk having MS but I have choices on how I'm going to fight this and how I'm going to deal with this.

People are calling each other. People are uniting. That's a positive. People are giving us much support. We'll need it.

Family and Friends:
Thanks for all the happy thoughts and all that love. Thanks for all the prayers.

This morning I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I told jk the world is still a beautiful place, sunrises still take my breathe away, and isn't it great to be alive.

Bless us one and all.

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October 24, 2003

jk has MS

Today I went with jk to the hospital. He had am MRI that lasted over two hours. Now I know what we're dealing with. My honey has MS (Multiple Sclerosis). They don't know what kind yet. They just know that he has it.

I'm in it for the long haul. We'll fight this thing together.

Happy thoughts...

Happy thoughts...

Happy thoughts...

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October 1, 2003

Extreme Ironing

The world truly has gone mad. A WSJ.com article (paid site only, sorry!) introduces us to "Ironman" Philip Shaw.

The 29-year-old British technology consultant is the founder of a small, thriving underground of "extreme ironing" enthusiasts. They iron their laundry while rock-climbing, sailing, skydiving, or pursuing other risky sports.

In the last six years, extreme-ironing clubs have sprung up from Chile to South Africa. There's been a world championship in Germany, an expedition to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and an ironing session under the frozen ice of a Wisconsin quarry. Extreme ironing is the subject of a forthcoming British book of photographs and a television documentary that first ran in December on Britain's Channel 4.

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