November 22, 2003

Walkin' Fool...

My AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthotics) showed up on Friday. It helps me quite a bit, both in keeping my foot setting down squarely, and also in keeping my foot up for walking so that I do not have to lift the leg so far. Very cool. I probably don't look any better walking but I am more secure and fatigue less easily.

It looks spooky to me, like Tiny Tim's crutches (Here's a picture). But it is not noticeable when it's on.

I may still investigate a custom-made one with a hinged ankle and a little more side-to-side stability but this off-the-shelf solution is a big improvement.

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November 20, 2003

Good Week!!

jk and I had a good week.

Monday jk brought me mini roses. It was my anniversary. The day I gave my oath to this great country. It was not the day I became a citizen. I became a citizen the day my parents were sworn in. It was the day that I went before a judge and answered the question, "why do you want to be an American citizen?" Few people get asked that and few people's lives depend on the answer. The judge asked my parents to leave so I could answer the question alone.

Why do I want to be an American citizen? This is my home. I was two months old when I came here. I've never been loyal to any other country not even to the land of my birth. What does it mean to be an American citizen? It means I have freedom and liberty but I also have responsibility. I have to be of good character. I have to be willing to defend the US and its Constitution. I have to be able to speak English (it's in the requirements).

My parents wanted me to be sworn in, in case something happened. I'm happy that I did it. They usually don't swear people in unless they're eighteen. I was eight.

I re-read the oath every year and every year I'm honored that I have been given this right.

Yes, America has its problems. Right now Bush in in England, defending our rights to be Americans. Europe hates us. Jealous? Yup, we're capitalist pigs and proud of it. Yup, we got us a Cowboy for President. I don't mind. I love Cowboys. They have a great code of honour. He looked pretty good dining with the Queen. And Laura... I'm proud to call her First Lady.

'nuff said.

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November 19, 2003

What a Great Day!

Hey, everybody!

I have my own blog -- but I love this one 'cause lately it's all about me!

I just wanted to share with folks that I had a very good day today. Some are up, some are down, but today was good. I had energy, my walking felt good, I had a good day at work.

Yesterday, I ordered an ankle brace (an AFO). There is much hope that this will help a lot. Physical Therapy is great. I see a woman who specializes in MS patients and has a great handle on the disease, its symptoms, and real world wisdom about how to deal with it.

Life is good, friends -- thanks for caring but don't bother worrying!

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November 18, 2003

Here's a website that talks about MS. It's pretty good. Lots of famous people have MS.

This site explains what it is and it has journals talking about people who are living and fighting this thing.

Doctors know what it is (that's important), but to fight this thing we (jk and rr) have to know how others are dealing with it.

jk asked me if I was ready to fight this thing with him, right after the doc told him he it. jk and I go through life kicking and screaming. So we're going to fight this thing kicking and screaming. The physical therapist told jk that everyday will be different. We have our own saying that we've had since we first started hanging out. "Everyday an adventure, some days more than others."

Next week I'm going with jk to the physical therapist to learn how to do the therapy stuff with jk. I can never say that jk didn't give me adventure. Should be interesting.

So, read up on what we're fighting and don't forget to laugh and enjoy life.

All in all, life is pretty grand.

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November 15, 2003

jk's doing okay

jk went to physical threapy twice. He's doing pretty good. This week they talked about jk getting tired. jk does get tired a lot. It's part of the MS.

We went to a Summit Jazz concert last weekend with Rick and Barb. It was wonderful. As long as we can go listen to jazz we'll be fine.

Thanksgiving is upon us. We have a lot to be thankful for.

We have each other.

We have lots of love ones.

Work is happening for jk.

We're going to our beloved England in April 2004.

The band is back together.

All in all, not a bad year.

Bless us one and all.

'Nuff Said.

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