February 25, 2004

22 Years ago...

Riza and I had our first date!

As I turn 44 this May, it appears I have spent most of my life with my darling bride. Certainly the best parts.

Happy Anniversary, gorgeous!

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February 12, 2004

Cluny Tatting

I just learned how to do cluny tatting. It's rather like weaving with tatting shuttles. It's beautiful. It might take me a while to master this one. My fingers were tired but I found a pattern on how to make a loom.

I'm tatting again and loving it. I bought a few new shuttles on e-bay. One is a double shuttle made out of bone. I love collecting shuttles.


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February 7, 2004

Just Stuff

Austin was fun. I needed a vacation. jk and I went to a jazz club near our hotel. It was nice. Skylark had a vacation also. Aunt Brooke and Rusty, the wonder dog, stayed with her. She loves Aunt Brooke and Rusty is her boy toy. Skylark's real boyfriend is Jack who lives in front of us.

jk and I are going cell phones. He's keeping our home phone number as his cell phone number and I have a new cell phone. It's pretty cool. I love T-Mobile. I signed up for T-Zone so I can send e-mail and stuff. I call mine "the Thumb" from hitchhikers guide. I love it. It's my key to the outside world. I'm even using it to keep me organized.

jk is playing guitar. It's beautiful. I could listen to jk play guitar and never get tired of it.

So long and thanks for the fish.

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February 4, 2004

Great Day at Physical Therapy

I was very strong at PT Tuesday morning. I was able to do many things I couldn't before and do some things easily that were difficult before. I am an absolute terror on the Swiss ball.

I get a few weeks off PT, a few months away from the Neurologist. Life is good

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