May 25, 2004

There and Back Again!!

I've been Spring cleaning the house. We now have a guestroom/ craft room. I now have most of my tatting supplies in one place. The office was down. Now I'm back!!

I deleted this from my favorites so I had to find the address from my laptop.

This is a big year for weddings and a graduation. My niece Becky is getting married next month.

I've been tatting. I love it!! I plan to post some pics when I finish a few edgings.

Tatting has kept me from going crazy. It's very relaxing in a crazy sort of way. In a not forgiving sort of way but the payoffs are great. Tatting is not an easy master. I have to think happy thoughts or the knots are too tight.

I feel bad for jk. We've been doing some DYI projects around the house and the things that were easy for him now take awhile. But he does them. He put in a new medicine cabinet in the downstairs bathroom. He moved the speakers in the music room. He mounted them on the wall. I love the house now. It's working. We now share an office. He did all the wiring. Two desktops in one and a station for the laptops.

jk's busy on a CD. I know it's frustrating for him. I know what he used to play like. Soloing is difficult. But he's still a mighty fine player. He asked me if I'd still love him if he wasn't a guitarist anymore. In my heart he will always be a guitarist. In my heart I will always be a craft person.

Happy birthday jk for tomorrow!!

Later, Riza

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