July 5, 2004

Communicating with jk

jk sent me a thing to the web cam. It was great to see him live. We've been text messaging on our phones and instant messaging on Yahoo. You gonna love modern technology!! jk called me on the office phone. It was great to hear his voice.

Fourth of July was stressful. The noise started at 7pm and didn't stop until about 1am. Poor Skylark!! She hung out with me.

This trip she's not mad at me. Must be all that chicken I'm feeding her. I do have to get on her case for licking her hurt paw.

I call mom and dad everyday. They're doing great.

I've been crafting and reading. Life is good but it's better with jk!!

Later, T'za

Posted by Riza Rivera at 12:27 PM

July 4, 2004

Back and There Again!

Safe and sound in Dublin for a short trip.

Great flight in (direct into DUB through Newark). Had a whole row to myself on the last leg. Plane travel can be so civilised with an empty seat.

Back next Friday -- see ya!

Posted by John Kranz at 4:57 AM