May 27, 2005

getting sprung from the joint

Less than a week I'm going home. I'm kind of scared. Ive never been alone since the stroke. jk suggested that I go into the office with him.

I'm comimg up with craft ideas for when I'm home alone or in the office:

1.) weaving on my little loom
2.) embroidery with a embrodoery ring.
3.) crocheting/ crochet on the double

Does any one have any crafts to add?

take care and enjoy life. I sure am!!

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The Wisdom of PacifiCare

The rehab hospital called our insurance company to secure approval for the final week of Riza's stay.

For some reason, they insisted that she be discharged June 2 instead of June 3.

Very smart people, these insurance folk; they have all that money, they must know what they're talking about. Thursday sounds good to me as well.

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May 24, 2005

O Henry, 2005

I have to share one more goofy story.

Riza and I share an Amazon account. I forget why. I have my own but we both ended up using hers. We'll leave things in the shopping cart for another time or to reach the minimum for free shipping.

I went to order something a couple of weeks ago and noticed an iPod Shuffle in the cart. Riza has a thing for miniature electronics, so I purchased it for her.

I was going to surprise her with it, but an opportunity came up to tease her, so I said "You brat, you were going to buy yourself an iPod Shuffle! I saw it in the Amazon cart!"

It turns out that she had actually picked it out as a Birthday present for me.

It just came today. Thanks sweetness -- I love it!


UPDATE: Thanks for all the cards, calls, comments, and kind words -- I had a wonderful day!

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May 23, 2005

non-theraputic blogging

hi everyone.

I'm blogging without jk or a therapist to help me. so excuse the typo errors and stuff.

take care and enjoy life you never know whene life deals you a strange hand.

love, riza

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May 22, 2005

tube free

The tube is out. It came out a day early. It came out the 19th. I've been eating pretty good.jk makes sure that I'm eating. and I do have my appetite back!!

New room. I'm in the transition room. Room 344. It has two beds. It has a great view of the sunrise.

Discharge date is in two weeks:June 3.

Going out to lunch today.

Take care, riza, aka: Ma. Suzanne Manresa Rivera

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May 10, 2005


hi everyone!

I'm doing pretty good. no complaints.

jk, I missed you at breakfast but I did okay. thanks for the flower on my tray.

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May 7, 2005

Home Visit

What a great day!

I was educated and certified yesterday to help Riza get from the wheelchair to the car seat. Today, we got a day pass and a 2.5 hour break in her schedule and went for a cartrip.

"So where did you say you were taking me for lunch?" asks I. "Indian?" "Chinese? What sounds good?"

Saturday afternoon. Riza says -- how about hamburgers at home?

So that was it. A simple day, with all of us sitting where we sit. Skylark was so content to have the right number of people home.

A wonderful day.

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Right Arm Action

Good news yesterday! The nurse had brought a mug of water for Riza and was looking for a place to put it. Riza's right hand was on her tray and I was going to move it to make room.

Then the hand just slides back, amazing Riza, the nurse, and me. She can repeat it at will and has shown all her therapists.

Rest easily while you still can, tatting yarn! Your day is coming!

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May 3, 2005

a big month coming up

my mom's and jk's birthdays.

my feeding tube comes out (may 20)

it's spring!

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