December 28, 2005

good news

my physical therapist told me not to use my quad cane. so i'm on the last thing before I'm supposed to walk with nothing at all. I have to start using a straight cane.
I'm up to about 20 steps with no cane or anything.

jk is doing well on the shots. fridays are movie nights so if you have a recommendation. let us know and we'll rent it.

We were in a fenderbender a couple of weeks ago. jk, Skylark amd I are doing well. unfortunately my subaru has seen better days. Skylark can't understand why she can't go on car trips. she loioks so sad when we leave. Like but I've been an angel puppie why can't i go also.

We love the mr2 spyder but buying groceries and fitting it is the car is not a pretty sight.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!
love ,

Posted by Riza Rivera at 2:32 PM

Merry Christmas

Riza shared most of our good news, I won’t bother you with more. We are doing well.

Riza had some breakthroughs in therapy today. As she said, she has graduated from wheelchair to walker, walker to quad-cane and now to straight cane. Also notable were some stretches and arm movements that exceeded what I thought possible.

Hope you all have an excellent 2006!


Posted by John Kranz at 1:38 PM