February 2, 2006

crafting again

I'm crafting again. I can needle tat with one hand! I'm also knifty knitting ( knitting on a round loom) I'm so happy!! Thank you Barb for wanting to learn to knit. I taught Barb how to knit with knitting needles and she gave me knifty kniting.
tatting with a tatting needle is a bit of a challenge. I keep using the wrong thread but I"ll figure it out. I can do the actual tatting better than before I had a stroke. It even looks okay.
I'm walking more without a cane. The therapist hasn't taken it away yet. I'm just trying to lead a normal like again.

Life is good!! jk is doing okay. He worries about me getting frustrated with my crafting. Crafting is a frustrating thing. nothing new there. I was young the first time I learned how to craft so he missed all the cussing the first time around.

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