May 28, 2007

riza rivera

Hello!!! We just got back from visiting friend in Min. It was a blast to visit Charlie and family. Then on the last day Tim Donnegan and his wonderful wife had us over for breakfast. Tim cooked!! What a wonderful group of friends!!
We love to visit them because it helps with the healing process to be around friends we love so much. It's like visiting family.
The trip geting there was difificult. English is a tricky language. We did curb side check-in. We said that we needed a cart ride. The guy told us we needed to go through security. So we were in the line from hell. but we live in a kind society so people let cut in and go to the head of the line. We missed our plane. They ended up taking us through a diffrent security thing for people in wheelchairs Then we had the best seats in the next flight out but right brfore the plane took off they had the largest man I've ever seen sit next to jk. jk was in pain for the whole flight. but the ride home was wonderful. So mybe we'll go out the end of summer. It could happen.

love to all. Life is good!!--Riza

Posted by Riza Rivera at 1:35 PM

May 18, 2007

After two years

How am I doing? pretty good now. I went to the doctor and I'm in pretty good shape. my blood pressure is a little high. I'm a few pounds heavy. So it's lose weight for Riza Time. that will take care of the blood pressure. I'm on muscle relaxants and pain killers so life is pretty nice again.
I"m slowly coming back. I can move my arm over my head (more large motor skills), Now I can walk bare foot with the aid of my front wheelwalker. and I now go in public without my cane. I've been doing the no cane thing for about a week. It's kind of scary because my cane became my security blanket.

Posted by Riza Rivera at 8:49 AM